About Communication Circles

Communication Circles are made up of volunteers (often friends and family members) whose goal is to maintain the voice and speech of a specific individual with Parkinsonism (includes Parkinson’s disease, MSA, PSP). This is done by intensive and on-going practice of a specific speech exercise program. They are a cost-effective way to provide intensive speech therapy by tapping into your social network to create a circle of people who can help you practice speaking in person, via the Internet or by telephone.

The following three features are essential to maintaining speech with Parkinsonism:

  • Intensive practice, four times per week, has been shown in the scientific literature as the minimum amount required to improve and maintain functioning.
  • Ongoing treatment is important for Parkinsonism, as it is a chronic illness.
  • The need for cost-effective therapy is obvious, since few of us have extra dollars crowding our wallets for expensive professional therapy.

Communication Circles can provide intensive, ongoing and cost effective treatment, and thus are helpful in maintaining loudness of voice and intelligibility of speech. This model of care is also very helpful in improving quality of life and maintaining social involvement.


  • To find more information about how Parkinsonism affects speech, and/or how to set up and run a Communication Circle, visit the new Speak Up! website.
  • To see all the posts on this blog that relate to my experience with my own Communication Circle, click on Communication Circle.

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  1. Alo

    I want to see mtn commnication circle

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